The world is changing rapidly, and your business should adjust with the technological changes and thrive, in order to stay current and relevant. We are a corporate training company who can assist your business with corporate training, including: preliminary AI workshop, change management, leadership, teamwork, communication training and step by step process to digitalization in this new digital age.

How do companies go about doing that? Most companies will try to reorganised the IT department, so the IT team will take on more responsibility, like cyber security and data analytics. They might hire actual data scientist to join the company. Or they outsource the data analytics to other companies.

Here comes the challenge. Whatever insight that is generated by the data, nobody in the company really knows how to work with them, or understand them at all. Most of the corporate culture is very “experience-driven” or than “data-driven”, and it is really a paradigm shift and shake the culture of the company. But what do company need to do? Should they try to get every single employee to learn write C++ and Python, then learn R, and also about the use Grover’s algorithm to defend cyber attacks from quantum computer. Most likely not.

We have the perfect solution. We have designed 4 fun, insightful, practical, and to the point workshops for non technical personnel in the company. We call it “AI/data preliminary workshops”. The goal is not to teach computer programming or build robots, rather the goal is to give the non technical personnel enough practical information to understand what the data insights try to communicate, and reasonably act on the insights together as a team. Afterwards, we will also walk with you and your team step by step to digtialization, from building a website, an app, to storing your data, analyze your data, getting value from your data to AI.

Our Team is dedicated to help you excel in this fast changing world.