About Us


Charter Global Limited, a Hong Kong software consulting and training company. Our main mission is to help you to succeed in the digital revolution by offering you services like: corporate training, digital consulting, educational training and business partnership/networking. Our team has more than 15 years of international business experience. We are here to assist companies who are looking for new solutions for your challenges.

OUR Mission

We have designed 4 fun, insightful, practical, and to the point workshops for non technical personnel in the company. We call it “AI/data preliminary workshops”. The goal is not to teach computer programming or build robots, rather then to give the non technical personnel enough practical information to understand what the data insights try to communicate, and reasonably act on the insights together as a team. Afterwards, we will also walk with you and your team step by step to digitalization, from building a website, an app, to storing your data, analyzing your data, getting insights from your data to finally AI.

Our Team is dedicated to help you excel in this fast changing world.


The Charter Global Team

Gary Wong- Digital Transformation Trainer

Frank- founder / digital consultant

Bill – Software Architect / Technology Partner

Morgan – licensed partner/ head of Greater China

Steven – licensed partner/ Head of Latin America

Roy – corporate trainer

David – software consultant

Track records

Members of:

  • World Economic Forum
  • American Chamber of Commerce
  • China Greater Bay Area Artificial Intelligence Education

Companies we worked with

  • The Swire Group
  • China Construction Bank
  • Kerry Properties
  • Crown Hotels
  • Hong Kong Metro
  • Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering company
  • Uber Asia Pacific
  • Morgan Philips
  • Spaces
  • The Executive Center
  • American Chamber of  Commerce
  • The American Club
  • AMD
  • The Australian Office

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