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-Strengthen your business’s competitive advantage with preliminary AI workshop, change management, and step by step process to digitalization.

-Charter Global, passionately assists you to charter the “globe” with fun and special corporate training.

-Improve your business by using our services to learn and digitalize your company

About Charter global

COrporate training

The world is changing rapidly, and your business needs to adjust with the rapid technological changes and advancements, in order to stay current, relevant and thrive. Our corporate training and software consultancy divisions assist businesses with corporate training, including preliminary AI workshops, change management, leadership training, teamwork & communications training, and support for adopting step by step processes to digitalization in this new industrial revolution. 

Digital transformation

Businesses of all sizes need to transform in order to stay relevant in today’s digital environment. Our partners and alliances can help businesses of all sizes through all the processes of business digitalization.

AI and Industry 4.0

The advent of AI Industry 4.0 will greatly change our lives, especially in terms of work. Society, companies, and professionals must learn what is “data driven” instead of “experience”. driven. Companies nowadays often talk about becoming AI-enabled and data-driven, so they invited some so-called data scientists to come to the company, but they all ended up leaving in no time.

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What make us different

Once you have attended our Charter Global workshop, you will now understand the power of data and how to utilize it. As we all know, hiring another IT person or data scientist is too much trouble. Lucky for you, Charter Global has its own data analytics department that analyzes the data that you input in to our CRM system, which allows us to give you feedback & insight every month! 

Now you don’t have to worry about hiring an extra person, or going through all those files, we can directly give you the insight, and all you do is just put in more data, and you can improve your company or business just like that!


I attended one of Charter Globals workshops, and it really changed my perspective, great experience!
The workshops are fun and interactive, you don't feel bored at all, I really learned a lot
Mr. Wong
I had a digital transformation class and it was wonderful! So much great insight and knowledge
My company is now going through the process of digital transformation with Charter Global, their software is so easy to use
Company D
Strengthen your business's competitive advantage with preliminary AI workshops, change management, and step by step process to digitalization.

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